Events and Workshops

Spinning Japanese Paper Workshop
with Hiroko Karuno

2-Day Workshop


Tuesday, August 20 & Wednesday August 21, 2024
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

LaHave Bakery, 2nd floor
NS-331, LaHave, NS B0R 1G0
(Lesley will send a map of where to park.)

Beverages, bakery items, lunches, fresh produce, frozen meals, all home made at the Bakery, are available from 9 a.m.- 4 p.m. seven days a week.

Class Limit: 8 students

Contact person: Lesley Armstrong, LaHave Weaving Studio 902-220-5430

Fee: $370.00 for the workshop plus approx. $30 for the Japanese paper

(Details for deposit and payment below)

Paper Spinning Workshop with Hiroko Karuno

Paper has been one of the most useful materials in Japanese life since the 8th century. Historically paper thread made from recycled books and documents provided commoners with an inexpensive and warm material.

Today, making paper thread is no longer a necessity of life but a journey into the unique nature of the material: its beauty, flexibility, strength and durability. In this workshop participants experience the entire procedure of making paper thread by hand; from folding, cutting, rolling, tearing and spinning the paper into thread to setting the twist. At the end of the workshop, students will take home a sample of their own paper thread and a sense of early Japanese life.

Basic spindle spinning skill is recommended.

About Hiroko Karuno

Hiroko Karuno Spinning Japanese Paper Workshop

Hiroko Karuno is a spinner, natural dyer and weaver. Her textiles are an intricate hybrid of traditional Japanese processes and materials. She spins paper thread from Japanese handmade paper, dyes it with natural dyes and then weaves it into a cloth called shifu. This is a highly skilled traditional technique that almost died out in the 19th century.

Hiroko has travelled and researched traditional Japanese papermaking, spinning, dyeing and weaving. All of her research is brought together in her current work which incorporates traditional methods of making paper thread, dyeing it with natural dyes and weaving shifu.

In 2013 Hiroko published a book “Kigami and Kami-ito, Japanese Handmade Paper and Paper Thread.” (Lesley has asked Hiroko to bring a few copies of her book. She has taken part in exhibitions in North America and Japan. Her two solo shows, “Shifu (cloth woven with handmade paper thread)”, 2010 and “Moro-jifu (both warp and weft paper thread)”, 2016 were held in Nara, Japan.

For a copy of Hiroko Karuno’s detailed c.v. please email

Payment details:

A non-refundable deposit of $100 ensures that you are in the workshop. The remainder is due
on June 1, 2024. Please contact Lesley if you would like to join the workshop: or 902-220-5430 (cell)

Payment can be made by e-transfer or by cheque or credit card. Two concrete pavers are included in the workshop fee. Students should pay Hiroko for the Japanese paper (approx. $30) when you arrive at the workshop.