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Intro Weaving student with lotus tapestry and twill background.Intro Weaving student with lotus tapestry and twill background.


The philosophy of LaHave Weaving Studio is to encourage students to pursue their own artistic expression with a focus on learning basic art and design principles and time-honoured skills. We specialize in courses in weaving, textile-related endeavours, and design.

Individual attention is important for learning because we are not all cut from the same cloth—each person learns in a different way. Also, everyone has unique personal goals--whether it be learning new techniques, alternative ways of designing, pursuing explorations in colour, new approaches of interpreting the world, telling a story, exploring more dimensional work, or using fibre for personal expression.

Most classes are small (usually around 4 participants for weaving workshops but could be more for visiting artists' workshops) and are conducted in a relaxed and positive learning environment by instructors who are both artists and teachers.